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Dr. John

Human Wellness & Periodontal Pathogens-
Raising the Standard of Care.

Connecting Lifestyle Behaviors to a Healthy Oral Microbiome

Connecting lifestyle behaviors to a healthy oral microbiome and more!

Periodontitis is a systemic disease. A medical problem, with a dental solution.
Translocated oral pathogen biofilms will not respond to SRP and will remain to repopulate the mouth as they attack vascular, lung, or GI tissues in the immune compromised patient.
Join the movement to practice a new standard of care for periodontal disease.

Dentistry's Call to Action

  • The microbe Pg now linked to onset of Alzheimer's

  • 90% of heart attack patients have gums that bleed

  • 87% of diabetics have some form of periodontitis

  • 75% of preeclampsia episodes linked to oral bacteria

  • 60% of ora-digestive cancers now linked to patients with chronic periodontal disease

  • More than 50% of cardio vascular events have an oral pathogen at the epicenter

  • Periodontal pathogens raise hsCRP with no other confounding factors

  • The same biofilm of pathogens found in the mouth, are found on carotid artery walls in patients with bleeding gums

  • Immune compromised patients do not naturally fight pathogenic attack

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Implementing oral systemic and integrative medicine protocols to
identify and treat high risk pathogens in high risk patients to mitigate the
consequences of chronic disease

Patients | Launch Oral Systemic Heath

These are your patients.

They are an important part of your practice and health is very important to them.

We help dental practices deliver

Oral systemic patient care – Integrative dental medicine – and Lifestyle coaching

A bold and innovative direction for dentistry.Personalized and responsive patient care that will predictably reduce the impact of chronic disease and insure our therapeutic recommendations are sustainable.

We are off and running thanks to your help… we appreciate you blazing this trail before us. We learned so much and now that we know better… we are doing better. Already, dozens of patients are being treated with an elevated level of care. Thank you”


-Jordan Payne DDS, Travis Epperson DDS, Riley Payne DDS ; Lubbock, TX

“The training was life changing for our patients and our perspective of treating patients has shifted. It has bridged the gap between talking about oral systemic health to providing it. We are excited to offer our patients more… this was an amazing experience”

-The Epperson Payne Dental Group Hygiene Team – Chelsi, Kristie, and Brooke

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