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One day training, in your neighborhood, or venue of your choosing.

Team access to 90 days of support.

Team supported with training manual shown below, treatment protocols, CDT codes, resource contacts, and more.

Relevant, new, and evidence-based science stimulates transformational changes.

The entire team is educated, inspired, and committed at the same time.

Dr. John's Perspective

Dentistry's Post Pandemic Opportunity

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the responsibility dental teams and dentistry have relative to chronic disease mitigation in America.

  • Describe the relationship between periodontal disease pathogens and other common chronic systemic diseases.

  • Identify high-risk pathogens in high-risk patients to potentially mitigate high-risk systemic outcomes; construct a new diagnostic paradigm.

  • Manage a patient's medical history to quickly identify high-risk patients.

  • Recognize the value of collaboration with a medical team in behalf of patient wellness.

  • Be prepared to benefit from a more profitable hygiene department immediately.

12 Week Training 

  • No wellness coaching experience

  • Online training through Zoom

  • Requires Wellness Training Manual

  • Follow up support

1 Hour Training

  • Previous wellness coaching experience

  • Online training through Zoom

  • Requires Wellness Training Manual

  • Follow up support

Training Registration Information

"Dr. Kempton's Oral Systemic Health program has transformed the hygiene area of my practice. I have been to a lot of CE over the past 23 years and this program has made an impact at the level of placing implants and CEREC has on the bottom line. We went from constant frustration of an open hygiene schedule to booked solid 4-6 weeks out. It quickly cements value in the patient's mind for their periodontal health, which we had been trying to do for many years in the past! I highly recommend implementing this into your practice!"

-Brock Arms D.D.S

Brock Ar

"Wow! What a great course. As a practicing dentist, John Kempton knows the material inside and out and presents it in a way that engages every team member. The material is organized in an 'easy to implement on Monday morning' format that will provide structure to elevate your hygiene department to an Oral Therapy department. Having 'oral therapists' instead of hygienists make my restorative work better and I know that our patients are benefitting. Healthy mouths make healthy lives!"

-Robin Steely D.D.S

Consulting and Training | Launch Oral Systemic Heath

Consulting and Training 

You have their attention.
They are immune compromised and they know it. By mitigating any one of their chronic diseases, you have enabled a stronger immune response for others. Periodontitis is a chronic systemic disease, a medical problem with a dental solution.
 New procedures, new protocols, new CDT codes, and immediate improved outcomes. 
Offer your patients the opportunity to engage in lifestyle medicine through a practice wellness coach.  Lifestyle choices impact all chronic diseases at their inflammatory and oxidative core. 
Do we have your attention?

"I had the privilege of spending time with Dr. Kempton and learning more about how oral pathogens impact overall health. I have been able to implement his system regarding dental and systemic risk with my patients. His manual is the most thorough and complete I have seen to date and is based upon current research. His passion is encouraging as we all truly try to change our patients outcomes rather than just try to prevent cavities and gum disease. The game has changed and Dr. Kempton is a leader in the oral systemic movement!"

-Michael W. Scott D.D.S

Dr. Kempton shares both personal experiences as well as credible evidence-based articles to support the information being discussed. Each staff member, both clinical and administrative, has an individualized role in the movement to reduce chronic disease. We have gained valuable tools and guidance to launch the incorporation of oral systemic medicine throughout the entire office. Dr Kempton delivers an abundance of knowledge in an effective and interactive way. It is clear that his passion for this subject is... very strong."

-Angela Litvak DMD 

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