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Human Wellness and Periodontal Pathogens

Transforming Dental Hygiene to Primary Care

The evidence connecting periodontal pathogens to chronic disease is firmly established. Yet most dental teams have not implemented the clinical practices which mitigate both the local and systemic distribution of high risk pathogens.

In this evidence based, risk-benefit medical model, Dr. Kempton blends current research with case presentations to validate the rationale for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease from a new perspective. Audiences leave convicted dentistry has a primary role in mitigating this chronic disease and confident patients will respond to new chair-side conversations.

A review of numerous clinical cases, outcomes, and personal stories frame this comprehensive overview.

Presentation length: 6 hours

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The New Standard of Care For Diagnosing and Treating Periodontal Disease

Recording periodontal architecture is not diagnostic for the presence of active disease.

For about 100 years now, dentistry has held periodontal architecture as a primary diagnostic indicator for periodontal disease and mechanical debridement as the primary and foundational therapy to treat this disease. This standard of care no longer holds up to current evidence regarding the pathogens that are causal to the disease and its systemic ramifications.

After conventional periodontal therapy, 86% of patients are still positive for pathogenic microbes. SRP is no longer adequate as definitive treatment for periodontitis.

The medical science model for diagnosing a bacterial disease has long been based on a laboratory test that identifies the specific pathogens at work in the host. Subsequent target therapy is then accurately based on information specific to the pathogens identified in the lab test. Why has dentistry lagged behind our medical colleagues and can we more effectively treat both the local and systemic impact of these organisms. 


Presentation length: 1-2 hours, depending on event planner requirements

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Dentistry's New Post Pandemic Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic of the past eighteen months has educated the adult patient population to understand the concept of immune compromised. Patients can better comprehend what systemic conditions have compromised their immunity and how this situation places their wellness at risk. Additionally, healthcare providers have become hypersensitive to systemic pathogenic insults to their patients. In general they have responded by protecting and supporting the immune system during the insult while fighting the pathogenic initiator.

To date, the response has been reactive; it is timely for dentistry to be a proactive collaborator and partner in an intentional and strategic plan to strengthen the human immune system in the compromised patient.

. This patient care opportunity offers dental practices new growth strategies and offers dentistry primary care status as we collaborate with peer physicians in behalf of patient wellness. 


Presentation length: 1-2 hours, depending on event planner requirements

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Dentistry- If we have your attention...

Let's find the time and talk about moving forward.

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Antibiotic Stewardship - A New Perspective

There is nothing like a provocative look at new and relevant evidence supporting... or not supporting the adjunctive use of systemic antibiotics to treat periodontitis, specifically in high-risk patients. When incomplete absolute evidence is not available, the clinician must review current known metrics and incident ratios to determine the most appropriate systemic treatment plan.

Dr. John reviews the limitations of traditional mechanical debridement, as-well-as the limitations of the adjunctive use of lasers, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone to treat the systemic impact of high-risk oral pathogens. The medical model for treating a systemic bacterial disease is discussed relative to antibiotic stewardship, including the legal ramifications.

Understanding how to define a high-risk patient becomes relevant when considering treatment plans for the mitigation of high-risk pathogens in the micro-biomes that already exist in our patients as they walk in the door. There is inherent risks to systemic antibiotics... and evidence based benefits and value; as oral physicians we have an obligation to be well informed to make the best treatment recommendations possible for our patient population.

Presentation length: 1-2 hours, depending on event planner requirements

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  Lifestyle Medicine for Dentistry

Wellness coaching in the practice sustains patient health


Patients rarely leave a dental or medical appointment without hearing a recommendation to alter their lifestyle behavior to support a better healthy outcome.  The treatment or therapeutic recommendations we have just provided or made to our patients are mostly unsustainable without lifestyle  change compliance.


Review the recent evidence connecting lifestyle choices directly to a healthy oral microbiome as well as overall systemic health.  The four pillars of lifestyle behavior are focused on eating and diet, exercise, quality sleep, and managing stress.  Yes … each of those pillars are directly connected to oral health.


 Wellness coaching is the most effective method to personalize our patient care.  Our patients can find little access to this service in the medical/dental community and a dental practice will be destined to become a referral from a wide variety of medical specialties.


Wellness coaching is  a billable service; more than that, it represents the foundation piece to predictable healthy outcomes and a bold and innovative move in delivering patient care at the highest level.


Presentation length: 1 to 2 hours

The Cutting Edge Dental Practice Integrative Dental Medicine with a Wellness Coach

Establish the systemic impact of inflammation and oxidative stress as it relates to all chronic disease. Utilizing current evidence and reference, Dr John confirms that periodontal pathogens directly cause an elevation in systemic inflammatory markers giving dentistry a new and fresh look at the scope of practice available to enhance patient health outcomes in a positive manor.

A discussion of the science of lifestyle medicine will reveal its value in reducing systemic inflammatory markers and improving healthcare positive outcomes for all chronic disease. Dentistry, now seen a primary care must consider innovative and groundbreaking action plans … a wellness coach in the dental practice!

Presentation length: 2-6 hours, depending on event planner requirements

Managing a Healthy Oral Microbiome: The Gateway Impact

Participants will develop an understanding regarding the tools and tests available to create and maintain a healthy oral community of microbes, as well as the impact of airway and breathing on the stability of that group of bacteria.


The oral microbiome is the ‘gateway’ to managing and maintaining a number of other systemic microbiomes that become imbalanced and dysfunctional when the mouth is not healthy.Control the oral microbial balance and control thesystemic impact of disease .


Presentation length: 1 to 2 hours

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