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Oral hygiene education and instruction, with effective home care products, is important to the success of the therapy completed in the dental office.

The high-risk pathogens at work initiating gum disease, and systemically promoting heart disease, in high-risk patients, are constantly reproducing in the oral biofilm; it is a colony of ever growing bacteria that restarts the moment it is removed.

A key to maintaining oral systemic health is to keep this biofilm from completely establishing. This is best done by using products that are formulated to do just that.

This resource is a great place to start.

The diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease should be supervised by licensed professionals. To patients and consumers looking for solutions- many have not yet found a dental team practicing oral systemic health principles and seek products that can effectively reduce the risk of high-risk oral pathogens. This resource will give you the confidence that daily use of one of these products is significantly reducing oral bacteria populations. We advise you to encourage your dentist to visit this site and offer you salivary pathogen testing. We would also encourage you to refer to the Academy of Oral Systemic health's website to find an AAOSH member in your community if needed.

Patient Education

Glad you arrived here to learn what can be done at home to protect your heart, lungs, brain, and GI from bad pathogens, from gums that bleed... even a little. No bleeding is your goal.
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Oral Systemic Maintenance at Home

Leaning Lab: Short Oral Systemic Educational Videos 


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