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The Importance of Wellness Coaching

Practice Training 


A clear visual picture of the 5 essential aspects of the integrative practice includes systemic pathogen movement, systemic oxygenation, TMD management,dental and medical testing, and patient education that includes lifestyle support.
Dentistry is the only medical profession called to manage and balance a healthy oral microbiome, the gateway to systemic health.

The Content Includes:

  • Discover the five components of the integrative practice and how each contributes to a positive systemic response when implemented

  • Learn how to manage a healthy oral microbiome and how that will transfer to systemic health

  • Understand the impact of a dysfunctional airways and sleep disorders on both the oral and systemic microbiomes

  • Recognize the value of a stable TMJ in systemic health

  • Find value in exploring both dental and medical testing from a number of new perspectives

  • Consider the opportunity for lifestyle coaching as the ultimate in personalized patient care and a billable service for the dental practice

Lifestyle is the Medicine

'Lifestyle is the Medicine' is a step by step program for individuals or coach led groups to map the way to a healthier life. Behavioral changes tied to relationships with poor lifestyle habits are difficult to overcome and a wellness coached format from a health care provider is a powerful motivator.

The recommendations are based on current science and being utilized by functional medicine platforms to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, to reduce metabolic syndrome and human glycemic indices, to improve and restore cardiovascular health, to diminish, stop, or slow cognitive decline, and to stabilize both gut and oral microbiomes.

The outcome of engaging in healthy lifestyle choices is always the same: patients feel better immediately, the incidence of all chronic disease is diminished, the quality of life ahead is assured, and longevity becomes predictable. This program is centered around diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep quality and stress management with numerous additional recommendations within each of the eight modules and many healthy recipes to start on this journey to wellness.

Most patients will be encouraged to start the program with a metabolic 'kickstart'. A 30 day ketogenic diet will get the mitochondria working efficiently and immediately burn off liver and central organ fat. Time restricted eating is encouraged from the start. Patients transition to a routine of healthy lifestyle behaviors at day 31 utilizing the synergy of engaging and adopting all four pillars foundational for living in wellness. This platform becomes a way of life

The Content Includes:

  • Discover why very few medical or dental therapeutic recommendations or treatment remedies are sustainable without lifestyle support

  • Identify with the four pillars of lifestyle medicine; diet & eating, exercise, sleep quality, and stress management

  • Understand how all lifestyle segments have a unique impact on the oral microbiome, on oral microbiome management, and the translocation of pathogens to  other systemic tissues

  • Discuss the scope of practice of a wellness coach within a dental practice

  • Identify who may be best suited to become a coach, and how the work flow in the practice can accommodate the new service.

  • Be prepared to be a referral center for many medical providers who are not offering this service

Launch Your Healthy Life

The Content Includes:

A proven, sustainable, and effective program that is based on science. Includes a metabolic reset based on ketogenic principles

• Proven to impact and lower inflammatory markers, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, blood pressure, body fatigue, joint soreness... to name a few

• Easy to follow modules which are formatted into 12 weekly sessions in the ‘Wellness Coaching 101’ certification manual, and the Building an Integrative Dental Medicine Practice

• Content to focus on what, when, and how to eat; how much and what type of exercise is enough, optimal methods to manage stress, and how to accomplish quality sleep.

• Everyone should have this information as a fundamental pathway to health and wellness

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

The Content Includes:

  • Understand the value of salivary diagnostics in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease

  • Discover how salivary diagnostics uncovers the danger of pathogen translocation in the immune compromised patient

  • Learn how to format the medical HX form to quickly determine which patients should be offered this service

  • Management of periodontal disease from DX through treatment; including all the systemic ramifications

  • Get real clarity on how to manage and establish a healthy and balanced oral microbiome

  • Marketing and practice growth from the impact of implementing this platform

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