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Practice Training Manuals

Roadmaps to guide practice change and enhance patient health

Building an Integrative

Dental Practice

A Bold Opportunity –Revolutionize the Practice

A clear visual picture of the 5 essential aspects of the Integrative practice

• How each aspect impacts systemic inflammation and oxidative stress

• A robust mandate on sugar and dentistry’s call to educate patients on a new platform

• Lifestyle medicine is foundational to all treatment recommendations and their sustainability

• Change patient lifestyle choices and change their wellness outcomes

• Initiate a wellness coach in the dental practice to deliver billable services and offer this service to your regional medical community

• Discover what the role of the coach is ,what exactly they preform in the practice workflow, and what is taught to patients to move them to a healthy life experience

• Review two business models to guide revenue success

• How to build the Integrative Dental Medicine Practice and why it is essential to patient care

Wellness Coaching 101

Train a Team Member to Wellness Coach

The practice wellness coach certification program extends for a 12 week period. Weekly meetings with our lead coach during the process and an open book exam at completion of requirements

• Can easily be accomplished while a regular work schedule is retained

• Accommodates both an individual or a small group of wellness coaches in an online format

• Focus on eating the right food, exercising enough, sleeping better, and stressing less as weekly learning sessions extend into real life home experiences.

• The metabolic reset and lifestyle restart format that is taught to be delivered to patients, becomes a personal experience for the perspective coach

• A complimentary phone pre-consultation is a component of engaging in this innovative opportunity

• Participants receive a certification for successful completion

Launch Your Healthy Life

The Coaches’ and Patients’ Roadmap to Health

A proven, sustainable, and effective program that is based on science Includes a metabolic reset based on ketogenic principles

• Proven to impact and lower inflammatory markers, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, blood pressure, body fatigue, joint soreness... to name a few

• Easy to follow modules which are formatted into 12 weekly sessions in the ‘Wellness Coaching 101’ certification manual, and the building an Integrative Dental Medicine Practice

• Content to focus on what, when, and how to eat; how much and what type of exercise is enough, optimal methods to manage stress, and how to accomplish quality sleep.

• Everyone should have this information as a fundamental pathway to health and wellness

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

Periodontal Pathogens and Human Wellness

Participants will be able to:

•  Recognize the responsibility dental teams and dentistry have relative to chronic disease mitigation in America.

•  Describe the relationship between periodontal disease pathogens and other common chronic systemic diseases.

•  Identify high-risk pathogens in high-risk patients to potentially mitigate high-risk systemic outcomes; construct a new diagnostic paradigm.

•  Manage a patient's medical history to quickly identify high-risk patients.

•  Recognize the value of collaboration with a medical team in behalf of patient wellness.

•  Be prepared to benefit from a more profitable hygiene department immediately.

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